9 Ways to Embrace Summer-Witch Style


Something wicked shopped this way…

So I want to know why is it so hard to find witchy fashion come summer? The shock of summer heat makes most of my favorite witch-inspired staples a little too warm for the season. But that’s nothing to be too down about. Summer’s got its own joys.

I’m going to share a few Moon-bird summer favs that make us feel like we’re embracing our inner-witches.

1. Divining Beach Towels

Nothing quite shows off your affinity for divination like a ouija board inspired beach towel. It’s a great way to combine sun and subtle-spookiness, keep friends guessing is she sunning or summoning spirits? Maybe both! The Birds and I have been ogling this one since we first saw it come across our feeds on Instagram. It’s a bold fashion statement that doesn’t get in the way of your soaking up the sun.


Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 3.08.06 PM.png

 2. Black, floppy hats, anyone?

So this one is a little more than a bit inspired by American Horror Story’s Coven. But what can I say, they are ICONIC. Witches and black hats just belong together, why not embrace it? I’m a fan of the wide-brimmed straw hat to keep the sun off your face, like the one features left from ASOS.

While felt hats are popular and stylish, they can be a bit heavier and they’re more of an autumn accessory. Straw hats tend to be a bit more breathable and as an added benefit, they’re better able to weather sand and salt water.

3. Rose-colored SUNGLASSES!

Now I know pink is not often considered the witchiest of colors, but why shouldn’t it be? Pink represents compassion, affection, unconditional love, and sweetness. It also looks freaking awesome when paired with black. Rose-colored sunglasses and a black floppy hat? I can see it. With a black bikini and a glass of rosé. Yes. It as good an excuse as any to see the world through rose-colored lenses. One pair we liked for summer (as seen in at the top of the page) is by J.Crew.



4. A Breezy Caftan, or a Beach Cover-up

Sweater weather might be over for a few months, but let’s talk about caftans. Light, breezy, colorful, what’s not to love. It’s a light and easy garment to throw on over a bathing suit and wear out to the beach or to the pool.

This one that we love, (featured right) is from Anthropologie. Chic, sophisticated, and a little bit whimsical. Why not dare to wear a bit of print?


5. Test out a Natural Remedy.

While clothes and accessories are a fun way to show off a witchy spirit, I love to include something more than just skin deep. Test out a natural remedy with Thayers Alcohol-Free Lavender Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, it’s a Moon-bird favorite. It cleans skin and is especially gentle for sensitive or acne prone skin, and it smells pretty good too.


6. Iced Coffee can Make a Statement.

If there’s anything I won’t go without, it’s my Ban.do travel mugs and thank goodness they’ve got a summer line for iced beverages!

My favorite – and again, it might be just my obsession with pink and black – is their “Love Potion” cups. It’s super cute, while still being pretty sturdy drinkware, and definitely eye-catching to say the least.

It’s feminine, fun, and more than a little bit witchy.


5addacfc9d245816a911872d31a906c5_best.jpg7. Let’s Not Forget Totes.

Though many of us use our canvas totes all-year round, the classic light-weight bag is made for summer. They can be used at the beach or at your favorite coffee shop and known for their poignant personalities. Why not pick one that speaks to your witchier sensibilities? Like this tote from Tri-Coastal Design.


lips.png8. Sunscreen or lipstick? That kind of magic.

I love a good lipstick, but really, what I love more than just a great, long-lasting color is a lipstick that does more than one thing. Like lipsticks that happen to be a moisturizer? That blew my mind. No more chapped lips, but now there’s Sun Bum Tinted Lip Balm – lipstick and a sunscreen? It’s SPF 15. It might not be the most witchy thing on the list, but it’s pretty magical.



9. Floating Ornithology.

Swans and Peacocks, and Flamingoes, oh my! Drift away this summer on the back of a bird. These pool floats are fun. How about a floating menagerie to bring a little more whimsy to your summer?




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