Witchy & Weird Playlist: Purity Ring

In this section, we at Moon-Birds will regularly offer recommendations from our own witchy, weird, wild, and wicked playlists. Feast your ears on this, and get magickal. 


I’m not in general a big electronic music buff—I have no beef with the genre, I’m just not as well versed in it—so I have to give thanks to my good friend @Patrick_Lofgren for recently recommending the superb duo Purity RingI’ve been listening to their Shrines and Another Eternity albums more than a little obsessively over the past several weeks.

My favorite song of theirs, is beyond a shadow of a doubt, “Begin Again“. If you do nothing else witchy today, I beg you to listen to this sing and watch the music video I linked above. It’s got a real Salem/Anne Boleyn/Grimhilde feel.

push pull” is another standout, featuring-—amongst other lines that are stuck in my brain—the statement, “I crept up in you and I wouldn’t let go“. Really all of Purity Ring’s lyrics are top notch.

And “Belispeak” has a real dark fairytale magic to it–part red riding hood, park beowulf, all haunted forest and swamp. The music video is incredible. 

So many songs, so little time. Really I wish I could just post their full albums, but something tells me I’d run foul of a little ole’ thing known as copyright law. So I’ll leave it here.


Wickedly (And  As-Yet-Unincarceratedly) Yours,

Baba Yaga

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