Witchy & Weird Poem of the Week: “93 Percent Stardust” by Nikita Gill

Here the Moon-Birds will sacrifice to you, our readers, a weekly poem which has caught our eye(s)—poems which invoke, in whatever way, witchy-ness, spooky-ness, the sacred feminine, the mysterious, or the otherworldly. 


Nikita Gill writes at turns whimsical, at turns powerful poems; you can find many of them on her Instagram is a delight of haunting, savage poems. Her stuff is very witchy, and she can do so much in so little space.

Since we have to opportunity to promote a contemporary poet, I want to say: you should all buy her book Your Soul Is a River, and pre-order her collection Fierce Fairytales, which will be released September 2018. And if you need convincing here is one of her Insta poems:

93 Percent Stardust

Nikita Gill


Wickedly Yours,

Baba Yaga

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