Witchy & Weird Poem of the Week: “The Charm Winds Up” by Elizabeth Kerper

Here the Moon-Birds will sacrifice to you, our readers, a weekly poem which has caught our eye(s)—poems which invoke, in whatever way, witchy-ness, spooky-ness, the sacred feminine, the mysterious, or the otherworldly. 


We have a guest post this week, from magickal Moon-Bird @elizabethhermione. She has the following to say about Elizabeth Kerper’s “The Charm Winds Up” (published in Gingerbread House, 31 March 2018):

“I had the honor of being in a writing group with Elizabeth Kerper, and I have been a fan of her work for years (and not just because we share a first name and an affinity for floral-print dresses).  Elizabeth is a Chicago-based poet, and has been published in Midwestern Gothic, Eclectica, and NEAT among others.  This poem, which appears in Gingerbread House, a fairy tale inspired literary magazine, blends childhood wonder with witchy symbolism, resulting in images such as “splinters pricking… knees and thumbs” and “a Magic Marker sigil.”  Kerper’s poetry often explores themes of childhood and femininity, and succeeds in finding the magic in ordinary life.”


Kerper has a piece in the kick-ass Nancy Drew Anthology (Vol. 15) available at Amazon.


Wickedly Yours,

Baba Yaga

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