Spellbinding Reads: The Sadness of Change

In this section, we at Moon-Birds will regularly offer recommendations from our own witchy, weird, wild, and wicked playlists. Feast your ears on this, and get magickal. 


Change is inevitable, necessary. If you’re like a couple of our Moon-Birds, change can come in the form of exciting moves into the city. Change can also be unsettling, leaving you with no certainty but that what was has ended. We can wish for unending sameness, but it will never come. Each breath of air is different from the last. (Photo by Edward K. Boggess)

  • The End of the Book” by David Hollander in Juked
  • Molting” by Sarah Marie Kosch in Tin House
  • Parts” by Brie Radke in Exposition Review‘s Flash 405, June 2018: “Nature”
  • My Sad Werewolf” by Mark Galarrita in Split Lip Magazine
  • Crying in H Mart” by Michelle Zauner in The New Yorker

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