Spellbinding Reads: Community

In this section, we at Moon-Birds will regularly offer recommendations from our own witchy, weird, wild, and wicked playlists. Feast your ears on this, and get magickal. 


Writing may often be a solitary act, but being a writer is not a solitary identity. Scattered across the world are fellow writers supporting each other, sharing work and offering optimism after an unpersonalized rejection from a dream journal. This week’s recommended readings come from writers we know either personally, from a reading event, from a recommendation, or through the power (sometimes misused) of Twitter. (Image: Children Reading by Pekka Halonen)

  • How to Open a Vintage Shop” by Kate Devine in Crab Fat Magazine
  • Intrusions” by Melissa Febos in Tin House
  • Kites and Crows” by Nathan Moseley in Litro
  • Ornamental” by Marisa Crane in formercactus
  • Two poems: “God of burning scalp,” and “Demeter, Reimagined as a Black Woman, Speaks to Persephone” by Karisma Price (selected by Omotara James) in Luna Luna

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