Witchy & Weird Poem of the Week: “Persephone the Wanderer” by Louise Glück

Here the Moon-Birds will sacrifice to you, our readers, a weekly poem which has caught our eye(s)—poems which invoke, in whatever way, witchy-ness, spooky-ness, the sacred feminine, the mysterious, or the otherworldly. 


We have a guest post this week, from the positively ensorcelling Moon-Bird @elizabethhermione. She has the following to say about Louise Glück’s “Persephone the Wanderer” (published in Black Warrior Review, Winter 2018):


“I have never been a huge fan of the story of Persephone, bored of the academic discussion that often surrounds it: Did Persephone go willingly to Hades or was she kidnapped and raped?  Fortunately, we have Louise Gluck to criticize this very argument.  She reminds us of certainties, that “the earth / is run by mothers” and “Persephone is having sex in hell” but gives permission to not know all the answers either.  “


Glück is considered by many to be one of the bestest and brightest contemporary poets we have, so check out some of her collections at Indiebound or Amazon. If you want to know where to start, my two favorite collections are Wild Iris, and Faithful and Virtuous Night.


Further Reading:

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Wickedly Yours,

Baba Yaga

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