How I Salvaged a Broken Candle

One good thing about quarantine? The chance to finally get around to all those projects you always said you were going to do, but never did. Last Fall, I purchased an apple-pumpkin scented candle... only to immediately drop it, shattering its glass jar, as soon as I got home. The candle itself was still intact,... Continue Reading →

Spellbinding Reads: The Sadness of Change

Change is inevitable, necessary. If you’re like a couple of our Moon-Birds, change can come in the form of exciting moves into the city. Change can also be unsettling, leaving you with no certainty but that what was has ended. We can wish for unending sameness, but it will never come. Each breath of air is different from the last.

Spellbinding Reads: Something Like Love

YLove is a lot more complicated than Disney ever told us. After all, how is it that Prince Charming was in love with Cinderella but couldn't recognize her face? Love is a mixture of emotions, sometimes including a heavy dose of hate. It can be felt for a person, even for a place, for a piece of writing.

Spellbinding Reads: Which Witch

Witches don't just wear pointy hats and appear suddenly on Halloween. More and more, witchcraft is woven into the stories of our culture, and our own personal narratives. Here are a handful of recommended readings that connect, in some way, to our coven.

Spellbinding Reads: Hidden

We hide our emotions. We hide our bra straps. Our significant other hides a shirt from us that they hate. We hide a sight from ourselves we don’t wish to see. We hide the truth in fiction. Sometimes there is power in hiding, in choosing when to reveal and to whom. But some things need to be exposed.

Spellbinding Reads: Different Worlds

In this section, we at Moon-Birds will regularly offer recommendations from our own witchy, weird, wild, and wicked playlists. Feast your ears on this, and get magickal.  * Writers have the power to create worlds. Castles by the lake, shellfish-induced dream worlds, villages in beards, or the craziest of all: Florida. (Image: Serrated Lobster, Cancer serratus by James... Continue Reading →

Spellbinding Reads: Frolicking in the Pages

Water is a healing element, but summer often brings stress about how you look before you submerge yourself in the ocean, river, lake, or pool. Every body is a beach body, and the water doesn't care how you come to it. Sometimes, though, how you look can have a healing quality as well. especially when it comes to expressing your identity. Let the water cleanse you, then put on whatever armor you need.

Spellbinding Reads: Burning Down the House

A mantra for domestic bliss inspired by these pieces: May the den where your besweatered boyfriend does his crossword puzzles be decorated with alligator heads, and may you never have to explain why you don’t want to have his kids or his dick pic.

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