Spellbinding Reads: What Passes These Lips

Your lips sip tea and kiss boys and girls. They recite spells and burn from the spice of jalapeño margaritas. They are the boundary between the thoughts you keep in your head and the words you speak out loud. Bold and blood red, or bare naked. Just keep them moisturized.

Spellbinding Reads: Which Witch

Witches don't just wear pointy hats and appear suddenly on Halloween. More and more, witchcraft is woven into the stories of our culture, and our own personal narratives. Here are a handful of recommended readings that connect, in some way, to our coven.

Spellbinding Reads: Hidden

We hide our emotions. We hide our bra straps. Our significant other hides a shirt from us that they hate. We hide a sight from ourselves we don’t wish to see. We hide the truth in fiction. Sometimes there is power in hiding, in choosing when to reveal and to whom. But some things need to be exposed.

Spellbinding Reads: Different Worlds

In this section, we at Moon-Birds will regularly offer recommendations from our own witchy, weird, wild, and wicked playlists. Feast your ears on this, and get magickal.  * Writers have the power to create worlds. Castles by the lake, shellfish-induced dream worlds, villages in beards, or the craziest of all: Florida. (Image: Serrated Lobster, Cancer serratus by James... Continue Reading →

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